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Emma Watson, Charlotte Cooper, Margaret Thatcher, Ada Lovelace, Rosa Parks and JK Rowling 

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1. BAD LUCK: (2n cicle ESO – BTX) locked up
For sure, you have ever imagined being alone in high-school. It’s not really a dream, but a nightmare when you’re locked in the bathroom, everybody has gone home and nobody knows when they are coming back. You’ll have to manage to get out of there on your own… Good luck!


2. THE PANIC ROOM: locked up
Going to play Ouija in an abandoned house could sound very exciting, but it’s really very dangerous and you could end in a place that you would never like to be. Always be careful of the rooms you enter because you never know what might happen there.


3. DEATH AND LIES: (ESO – BTX) locked up
In a Carnival party everybody always has fun… or maybe not? If you are at a bad moment in the wrong place you could be involved in a crime and proving your innocence won’t be easy.


4. MINECRAFT: video games
Have you ever been in the Minecraft world? Now you have the chance to explore it and discover the mysteries it hides. Let’s see how you manage with that!


5. AMONG US: (ESO – BTX) video games
Will you be able to find the murderer? You have to hurry up because he or she is killing your innocent mates. Be careful, the next one could be you!


6. DESERT ISLAND: (2n cicle ESO – BTX) adventure
Your Christmas trip to Italy to visit your family ended in a very different way of what you expected it to be. Plane started having problems and it’s never good news. Let’s see if you manage to survive!


You’ve been selected for the mission of reconstruction of Jurassic World, but it won’t be easy because it’s completely full of very dangerous creatures. You will need to do your work, at the same time that you manage to keep yourself safe and alive. Good luck!
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8. ELITE: (ESO) TV series
You will have to discover the mystery of a crime but be careful, because everything is not what it seems to be!


9. VIS A VIS: (5th/6th Primary – 1st/2nd ESO) TV series
Life is not easy when you get into jail. Try to do your best for being accepted there (with the aim of surviving) and then, try to get out.


10. EICHEN HOUSE: (ESO – BTX) mystery
Have you ever heard the name of Eichen house? It scares a little bit, doesn’t it? It is a psychiatric hospital and I think strange things could happen there. You will need to get in because you have a mission but the more difficult thing is not to get in, but to get out. You have to be very careful and don’t separate from your friends, it’s very dangerous!


11. THE ORPHANAGE: (2n cicle ESO – BTX) mystery
Starting with a new job is always difficult, but nobody could imagine what was waiting for John at the orphanage he was going to work. He needs your help to discover what is happening on the 4th floor!


12. AGAINST THE CLOCK: (ESO) run away
Drugs, guns, murderers… Your mission is to escape from the murderers of your husband.


13. THE KEY: (2nd cicle ESO – BTX) run away
Science is always helping humans to make our lives better, or maybe not always… Everything was fine, when all of a sudden a laboratory experiment went wrong and now all the entire world is in danger because of a really contagious virus. People are starting to fight and get mad, will you survive the apocalypse?